How to Travel and Make Money Online for Free with 3maps

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Promote Your Site
Rewards for Travelers
The Smartest Search
How to Earn Money
Make Links Keep Working 4U
For Company Programmers
Addendum: Technical Details How to Make Money

3maps iLoveVitaly prOject is a maps for travelers, bloggers, dreamers and everybody, who use maps, with a wide choice of services which reduce costs, dramatically improve the quality of travel and allow everybody to earn good money online to live permanently on the tropical island and become happy!

I am a traveler, an expat, and a fan of the OpenStreetMap project. Because of this, despite the huge number of sites with maps on them, I usually find them lacking in some important options and I don’t like their design. Since I myself am a programmer, I didn’t start writing huge, verbose, critical articles but simply went and created something I like. Moreover, I had always wanted to create a service which allows talented people to earn good money. I met many such people in Thailand: programmers, bloggers, SEO specialists, creators of their own Internet projects. I wanted to create something so they could continue to live in a tropical paradise and do whatever they are interested in, and so that other talented people would be able to create a business, toss out their routine, move to live by the ocean, and join the community. So, meet maps with poker and flight attendants ~ 3maps iLoveVitaly prOject Satellite, Standard View and World's The Most Beautiful Places: Volcanos, Underwater Volcanos, Cosmodromes, Meteor Craters and Beautiful Beaches Collection. For easy booking nearest cheap hotels by phone with gps without clicking maps I had made Look also Amazing Travel Search prOject, beautiful search shell iLoveVitaly prOject and Google Improver - the most popular Firefox search tool!

The main feature of the service – search and display of an address is performed simultaneously on the 3 leading maps: Osm, Google and Bing. I like the rendering and the detailed maps of Osm, but its address search isn’t particularly good. Google and Bing, too, can be wrong if you’re far from a big city or in an exotic country, and any error in this situation can be costly. That’s why here we have 3 maps simultaneously.

Furthermore, the image of a given area is different on different maps, and you can’t know in advance which map has better and more relevant information. Therefore, previously, you had to open and search on several maps separately; now:

Furthermore, you can easily open the map you need in full-screen mode and work only with it from then on, with the option to switch instantly to other maps if necessary.

A nice bonus to this structure is the ability to simultaneously work with up to three synchronized maps, for example, you look at the map of on area on Osm, and you open satellite images of it on Google and Bing. Have you ever dreamed to see the real Bermudas, Bahamas, Maldives, Bora Bora, EveresT, TibeT, Cape of Good Hope, Kilimanjaro Volcano, Vesuvio, Baikonur Cosmodrome? Now you have a chance to see them all and much more!

Promote Your Site

You can easily add a description and a link to any third-party site, create a map link in this form and send it to a friend or post to a blog. It’s very convenient. For example, you can link to the location of a company on the map, and, at the same time, display the name and description of the company; in the same spot, you can display a link to the official website of the company and be confident that the map does not display information about your competitors.

Rewards for Travelers

I wouldn’t be me if I stopped right here and didn’t add a lot of options for travelers. Click on the icon and the name of the project in the upper left corner of the page, and you’ll see the menu and be amazed by the number of options you have.

The Smartest Search

I’ve always been surprised that other maps don’t know how to find coordinates in text and links. For example – I have a link to a specific location on the Google map and I want to find the same place on the Osm and Bing maps. I can’t just open the maps, copy the link, and click Find. They will not find anything. I have to parse the link myself, find the coordinates there, copy them one by one with spaces in-between, and only then they can do the search. Or I can see the coordinates in some text and, once again, I need to select and copy the coordinates carefully one by one. In 3maps you can search by a link and even by a raw paragraph of text containing the coordinates. This feature is useful for travelers. How to use it: you are on a hotel-booking website, looking at the built-in map for selecting the hotel with the best price/quality/location ratio, but since the prices for the same hotel may vary on different sites, and you can’t figure out where it is cheaper, you want to find the same place on the popular competing sites for choosing hotels. Nothing is easier! Just click on the Google (or Bing) logo in the lower left corner of the map on the page for the hotel reservation service, open it on the map of Google (or Bing), copy the address of the page from the Google map and insert it into the search box on 3maps, click Find, and this place will open on 3maps. Now, with one click, you can easily open your chosen location on any hotel reservation service.

How to Earn Money with the 3maps iLoveVitaly prOject

I spent a total of more than a year in Thailand (mostly on Samui island in a community of SEO specialists) and met a lot of interesting, intelligent and original people living permanently in Thailand and earning a living online. Not all of these were programmers developing their projects, many maintained interesting blogs about travel and their lives, many were talented SEO specialists helping someone else’s site, and having the opportunity to live all year round in a tropical paradise on their commissions; to support their families, rent a house on the beach with a pool, work on the terrace surrounded by flowers, and have fresh fruit and fish every day. I like these people, their community, their way of life, and I wanted to create a tool that could be useful to me and to them, allowing them to earn more money, and allowing other talented people to start earning money online and join the community. And I created one! Even 2.

My next project is also useful for travelers and everyone, and it will allow talented people to earn good money. It will be made public in the near future.

So how is the 3maps iLoveVitaly prOject useful for bloggers, website owners, their firms and companies, everyone, who no have popular website or blog but wants to earn a few of dollars more, and how can they make good money? It's very simple!

You build a map for your users: choose the place and insert links to hotel-booking services (this is the best choice, although you can insert any links), and with the relevant referrals and variable parameters so that when the user opens the link to the booking site, it will open on exactly that place which the user has open on 3maps, or it’s also possible to make a link in such a way that it immediately opens a search for the text that the user has in the search field. This can be useful when the user enters the name of a hotel once, and with the help of your links opens his search on multiple booking sites (and all with your referrals).

I have already mentioned that you can add arbitrary links and descriptions to the maps. In fact you can have a lot of links and you can specify the current map parameters as mutable variables with them: coordinates, the text in the search field, as well as an advanced algorithm for future dates: the word vifind will be replaced by the text of the url search field, vilat and vilon will be replaced by coordinates , viday, vidays, vimonth, vimonths, viyear, viyears will be replaced by the current date in a variety of formats to choose from, vifriday will be replaced by the date of the nearest Friday, vi15sunday will be replaced by the date of the nearest Sunday plus 15 days, vi90monyear will be replaced by the year for the next Monday plus 90 days.

Thanks to a specially developed algorithm for converting dates, you can link to the booking site for future dates, such as this weekend or Thursday 2 weeks from now, or the whole next month, and the links themselves will substitute the future date based on the current day. That is, one compiled link will send the booking for the next Saturday and Sunday if today is Friday or Saturday, or for the following Saturday and Sunday if today is already Sunday. You can supply many such links on one map, offering the user different booking services, or even one booking service on different dates, for example, for today, this weekend and next week. You place a link on the map with your referral links to your blog and describe how convenient the 3maps service is (and it is, indeed, very convenient for travelers; after all, you’re not advertising some cheap tablets) and how to use it. Your readers come, look, and since it is truly convenient they begin to use 3maps constantly, and you’re sitting on the beach, on the terrace full of flowers, drink mojitos and watch your ever-increasing profits. And everyone is excited. It's time to describe one more advantage of 3maps which fundamentally solves important problems for both bloggers and users.

Examples of links see in this page addendum below.

Make Your Links Keep Working for You!

Bloggers think: my readers have clicked on my links a few times, booked their hotels, earned me some money, and then their interest will gradually wane, and my profits will decrease. The users went to an interesting booking service, or even to the site of the hotel, they liked it, they booked a room and had a great vacation, but will they remember the precious link the next time? Search through the blogs all over again? No problem! It’s all taken care of! Visited links are stored on the maps, and users can call them up at any time through the menu, no matter which links to the maps they came from this time. For example, if you think up a really necessary link for booking: to a high demand reservation service with helpful search parameters (for example, sort by distance, but not less than 4 stars, or sort by price, but not more than 2 kilometers from the origin), then it’s not important how the user comes to your map on 3maps this time: from your link, directly or through another link, he can always find your links through the menu and re-open them (on the home page, of course, it will display only links of the blog the user came from). And you will be receiving your commission again and again. So there you have the motivation to create really popular links, and users will get the best choice. Moreover, the more links to 3maps by other bloggers, the more you will earn if you come up with a desirable link and promote it well. If you create a good link, users will even send their friends a link to your blog, so that they can take a set of links to the right booking service for themselves.

For Company Programmers

What bloggers should do is clear, but what about the company programmers? Wherever the company's address is on its site, you can make a map link to 3maps for it. On the map, there will be a link to the site and a description of the company. This is convenient for the users and profitable for the company because the users will find the address more reliably, and the map will have a link to the company website and a description drawn up by the company, not a list of other companies at that address, including competitors, as happens on other popular map sites. With their boss’ consent, the programmers can also add their links to hotel-booking services. If the boss says no, don’t worry! One more amazing opportunity appears on the scene like a superhero: you don’t have to add links with referrals to the maps place description if the superiors are against it, but you can change the booking system referrals already registered on the top menu, main menu and in many places in built-in help by adding to maps links the only one url parameter &bookingcom=your affiliate number! Example. You can use &mapsparam=your affiliate number instead with same result. Works well, but looks less suspicious. Example.

The top menu, main menu and built-in help has links and buttons to the standard popular reservation systems, they are on every map regardless of the link the user came from. Naturally, they feature my referrals (the author of the 3maps iLoveVitaly prOject), but you can change them to your own via the url parameters! The map will appear as usual, and no one will care who earns money from the standard functionality: you or I. Accordingly, you’ll be able to make money even from other sites you’ve developed! Of course, I reserve the right to put my referrals instead of yours in a percentage of the visits, but I'm not greedy and I will make money all the same while being lazy (and laziness is a great power at all times) when standard referrals don’t change, and from direct hits. I’ve mentioned bloggers and programmers, but how can my favorite SEO specialist earn money? You can already earn in the ways I’ve mentioned, but for you I saved something special. I won’t specify what that is: those who know how to make money from it will notice it on the map on their own. Let me just say that it will significantly improve the behavioral factor, significantly increase conversion, and in the right hands is worth a lot.

I haven’t forgotten the geeks. For you, I have a separate domain: (so as not to interfere with everyone else) with the ability to embed in the map your own js-scripts using a parameter in the url &js = your script. Moreover, you can specify the address of the file and the scripts. Now your imagination isn’t limited by anything!

Travelers actually benefit the most! You get a great, free maps with a great potential and a wide choice of services which reduce costs and dramatically improve the quality of your travel!

Now is the time to make your life tropical!

Addendum: Technical Details How to Make Money

    Easy algorithm of making money:
  1. Register in popular travel affiliate programs like;
  2. Make new maps links to the subject of discussion + &bookingcom={your affiliate number}: if Wall Street is discussing, post Wall Street link , Las Vegas - . New links will be like , , or just , where &bookingcom=355472 change to &bookingcom={your affiliate number, of course}. Post this links to answers services, travel forums comments, blogs articles and comments, news comments, twitter, facebook, yelp, reddit, everywhere you can...
  3. Profit!

This algorithm is the first and the best opportunity to make money for beginners in the Internet business because efficient, easy and does not require specific knowledge, experience, does not require to rent and configure servers, does not require to purchase professional tools. Seo gurus have a greater choice of options how to make money, but choose this whatever, because it is more efficient. Especially when using professional tools and ingenuity.

It is a good idea to use Google Alerts to find a fresh travel discussions on forums and blogs. If you've chosen a travel keywords that is popular enough, you should get a ton of alerts. Usually they will be news, blog posts, forum posts so just make a note of all the URLs. If you're not getting at least 100 alerts per day, add some more places and keywords. The idea behind using Google Alerts is that you are one of the first people to comment on a forum thread/blog post and therefore will get more clicks.

Travel niche is very big, good monetizable and often discussed on the Internet. 3maps is a really useful new revolutionary service for travelers, so that all the moderator doors are fully opened to you now. Now the sweetest spots of this sweet pie are waiting for you!

You can easy make other maps links with other booking services (Not with your affiliates.

Also I have make the promo page with World's The Most Beautiful Places and Beaches: and if you insert you affiliates, all maps links will open with your affiliates also!

You'll be doubly surprised this article also: and here you affiliates will be all new registered affiliates also!

Enjoy :)

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